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Here are the things I am loving this month!

Eating -- Strawberries. It's finally strawberry season and I am putting them in all my breakfast goodies -- oatmeal, yogurt with almonds and agave, and even raw.

Drinking -- Seltzer Water. Me and LaCroix go way back. This month, I shoved a 12-pack into my building's community fridge and I now have my favorite afternoon refresher in my office.

Watching -- Inventing Anna on Netflix. I knew I would love the Shonda-produced interpretation of the story of the Fake German Heiress and SoHo Grifter. I have read and watched every news and true-crime episode about her. I celebrate Anna Chlumsky, Alexis Floyd, and Kate Burton. Laverne Cox's affirmation spouting life coach made me feel both seen and cringey over my own love of affirmations. The Scriberia newsroom triggered nostalgia for my former journalism days.

Also, Reacher on Amazon Prime. Like, have you seen that guy? Like, seriously.

Listening -- The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (Audiobook). I know why this book is celebrated by dark academia bookstagram and bookTok accounts. It has the smell of leather armchairs and really old books. It's twisty enough. Pairs well with Donna Tartt's The Secret History.

Reading -- Reacher: The Killing Floor by Lee Child. My husband encouraged this. Small Georgia town, corrupt cops, and a considerable number of fight scenes. Good for beach reading.

Playing -- Not a game necessarily, but I have been playing around on Pinterest with my BFF. We have multiple shared idea boards about clothes, our favorite TV shows, vacation spots, lawn decor, etc.

My other favorite game is digging around on luxury item resale websites (like Farfetch) and ogling gaudy jewelry and ridiculously priced handbags.

*I do not have affiliates. If I post that I love something, know that my emotions are not swayed by compensation*

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