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Eating: Chicago Style Thick Crust Pizza -- We spent a few days in Chicago for my birthday and eating thick crust brought me back to this tiny pizza place that my mom took us to when we were kids.

Drinking: Cold Brew with milk. Both me and my girl Slone are guzzling it by the barrel this summer. She texted me one day to report she could "hear smells" from being jacked up on caffeine.

Watching: Pretty Little Liars. I am late, late, late to the game, and early for the spin-off. Post-grad school I am catching up on a lot of the TV I missed, and also this counts as a noir, so it fits into my Summer Noir Study. I have many problems with this show, but I ride super hard for Hanna.

Reading: The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly. I've dipped pretty deep into the Michael Connelly pool this summer because of both The Lincoln Lawyer series on Netflix and the Bosch series on Prime. I finished The Black Echo, which is the first Harry Bosch book, and started The Reversal, the third Mickey Haller book. However, I decided to start that series from the beginning. The books are quick reads and the perfect accompaniment to a morning walk or jog.

Doing: I'm working on being more consistent with my health, so I have started a blog to help me manage my stats and document my progress. Check it out at Run Crazy Rabbit. An IG is forthcoming.

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