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Eating: Nectarines. All the peach flavor with none of the fuzz. Several have been in my CSA box this last month and they go great with oatmeal. They also fit nicely in my school lunch Bento box.

Drinking: I don't love rosé, but this summer I found a few that I like. Particularly one that I picked up at the wine shop around the corner from my house. Kelley Fox Maresh Vineyard Pinot Gris Rose 2021 was super yummy. And even though it had the coolest label, I bought it because it was made in Oregon. I love Pacific Northwest wines.

Watching: Only Murderers in the Building. It would drop on Tuesdays, but me and my hubs would save it for Saturday night date night. For a half-hour program, it packs in a lot with its serialized mystery, jibes at podcast culture, and glorious New York style.

Reading: The Reversal by Michael Connelly. My noir summer became my Michael Connelly summer, which has lured me to the charms of both Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch. Oh, the joy of reading one of the crossover books. The journey was arduous. I bought the digital copy and then started trying to read a physical copy from the library, but in the end, finished it off as an audiobook.

Listening: "This is Janet Jackson" on Spotify. After watching the Hulu documentary on her life, I have been obsessed with reviving the classics. "All for You" has received the most plays, but it's a close race with "Nasty" and "Control". This leads me to her whole discography to hear, "Miss You Much" and "Love Will Never Do". Basically, a lot of Janet.

Loving: I'm back teaching for the Fall semester, and the students never fail to be hilarious.

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