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Exciting announcement & message of thanks

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Notebook with the words "Thank You"

I’m always worried when I see a message of gratitude on a content creator’s website, blog, or Instagram. It’s almost always followed with a message of retirement, downsizing, or taking a step back. It always reads: Thanks for your support, but I’m out. Anytime I read something like it, it always makes me nervous.

Luckily -- and anyone who knows me can attest to this -- when one group zigs, I often zag. This isn’t a message about retiring, quitting, or ramping down. It’s actually a message of ramping up.

I am grateful for everyone who has been supporting me these past few years because, with their support and love, I can announce that I will have a novel coming out next April.

That’s right… the novel Mothers of the Missing Mermaid by Brandi Bradley will be available for purchase in 2023!

I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without support. I am so grateful to everyone who agreed to read, edit, copyedit, or offer feedback and suggestions for improvement. I am also grateful to everyone who said, “I can’t wait to read it!” or “I love your writing” or “For crying out loud, Brandi, just finish the book already!”

I am grateful to everyone who said, “I get it. You need time to write.” or “How’s the writing going?” I am grateful to anyone who liked a photo that I posted on Instagram of my laptop at a coffee shop, or liked a tweet where I posted my word counts for the day. And I am especially grateful to anyone who ever listened to me whine that I’ll never finish the book, or that no one will ever read it.

Thanks to every service worker in my neighborhood restaurants or library who said, “You’re here like every day! What are you doing?” and smile politely while I explained I was writing a novel. I’m grateful to every parent who saw me at school functions and didn’t comment on the fact that it looked like I owned one sweatshirt and one pair of yoga pants. I’m grateful to my kids who come into my writing space while I am typing and sit next to me while they eat breakfast or stream content on their tablets. I’m grateful to my husband who said, “It’s happening. What else is there to worry about?”

It is happening. And while this is happening, I am working on a new novel as well. I now know what it feels like to work with graphic designers and copyeditors, as well as contemplating where my novel needs to appear and how it might reach the most people. This feels like the beginning of something amazing! And without your support, I couldn’t do it.

And in anticipation of the launch on April 28, I will be offering additional news, content, and offers through my Books and Boots newsletter. The newsletter will appear in your email inbox once a month. Sign up here!


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