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Morning Make-Up Routine: Putting on my Face in my Office Space

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Flat lay of my everyday make up products.

My Office Hours begin at 8 a.m. And this semester, I have one student who not only wants to show up for the 8 am appointment but often beats me there.

Getting ready in the morning, I have to make choices in order to get out the door before the Atlanta traffic impedes me from getting anywhere on time. I choose sitting in my chair eating breakfast and sipping coffee over standing in my bathroom mirror and putting on my face. Besides, I am used to slapping on eyeliner on the road. I choose to do my Morning Make-Up Routine in my Office Space.

First, I head down to the ladies to dampen my blender sponge. Once back in my office, using a travel mirror, I layer on my primer, lip gloss, and eye cream. Then I dab on my foundation with the sponge. For cheeks, I blend in liquid blush and then dab on highlighter. Next, the eyes. First the gel eyeliner, then the smudge stick. Curl the eyelashes and layer on mascara. It takes about 5 minutes.

I sent this photo to Slone, who exclaimed that I was worse than her daughter, who also chooses breakfast and an extra five minutes of snooze in the mornings. Apparently, Slone's kid has a little outlaw country flea market cowgirl in her, because she stashes her eyeliner and mascara in the cab of her daddy's truck for morning make-up sessions on the road.

Of the products shown above, I stand firm behind Great Lash Mascara, NYX Epic Ink eyeliner, and Born This Way Foundation.

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