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Besotted with a gift from Hope

A friend of mine from the Instagram account @besottment, The Soul of Hope, and I were having a conversation about how it's more and more difficult to connect with our online friends on social media. I agreed and posted how I was glad to know she was still around.

I started following Hope Wallace many years ago after seeing one of her collages on Pinterest. She creates layered and artistic journal spreads using found materials, vintage things, and her own hand-lettering. I was obsessed with her Creative Journaling images and looked for her on all my social media accounts. And, as would often happen at the time, she followed me back. She liked my things, I liked hers, and we developed a slow digital friendship that was not uncommon at the time.

When I reached out recently, she offered to send me one of the stickers she is designing. I sent her my address and offered to send her a copy of my novel Mothers of the Missing Mermaid.

My gift from Hope -- my sticker -- arrived last week, and it's so adorable I can't stand it.

A card with signature and a sticker of a woman showing her neck and the words Be Kind

It now has a place of honor on my tablet, so not only I can see it, but also anyone who sees me working out in the world.

Please check out @besottment on Instagram, or her book on creative journaling on Amazon.

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