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Hand knitted Wrist Warmers for cozy typing sessions

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Hand knitted Wrist Warmers and bowl of breakfast yogurt with granola

One of the things I do to rest is to make things. It might seem counter-intuitive because usually when people think rest, they think of doing nothing. I wish I was someone who could keep their hands still in their downtime. I cannot.

My Maw taught me to crochet, but I learned to knit from a book. And as soon as the first brisk breeze descends in fall, I can be found at Michael's or Joann's pawing through the yarn. Wrist warmers work better for me, because I like keeping my hands warm, but I also like to swipe around on my phone unencumbered.

Wrist warmers are also the perfect accessory for anyone who writes. Spending time working on a manuscript can make one's hands cold and typing with gloves is hard. But wrist warmers are perfect.

These wrist warmers were knitted on size three needles with Red Hart Unforgettable yarn in parrot. For my knitter peeps, it was a three/three rib for three inches, switch to a stockinette stitch. I knitted a gusset for the thumb and finished with another three/three rib.

Why didn't I use a traditional pattern? Because I could not find one like it for free. My previous Ravelry pattern that I used to use is not a pay per download pattern. I do not begrudge anyone making money on their knitting patterns. But in the face of buying a pattern or taking on the challenge of going renegade and making one up on the fly -- I went renegade. Wrist warmers are essentially tubes with a hole for the thumb, I felt confident I could wing it.

If you are looking for a simple pattern for hand knitted wrist warmers, check out this one from Martha Stewart. I keep it on my Knitspiration Pinterest Board.

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