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Good Ole Boys Like Me available in audio

Recently on the Cowgirl Bookworms Podcast, I read a true story about old cowboys.

A retro microphone on a pink background advertising the Cowgirl Bookworms episode Good Ole Boys Like Me

Years after my parents died, I wrote a pair of companion pieces about them. One was about flea markets and getting ahead by telling lies. The other -- the one featured in the podcast -- is about the dilemma of not knowing what to do when good ole boys fall apart.

"Good Ole Boys Like Me" was originally published in the Winter 2019 issue of Carve magazine.

Seeing this piece in print was one of my best moments as a writer. All the pieces came together. The cover was beautiful. I had a physical copy I could hold in my hand. Even the paper felt amazing.

When something is published, a writer must do what they can to send it around. Writers post notices on social media and tell all their friends. Unless someone has a hella-strong publishing team, the shelf life of anything a person writes is limited to days, sometimes hours. Which is rough considering even short pieces can take weeks, even months to complete.

Sometimes a piece can get a new life in a new format. Writers will compile their short pieces into an anthology, or -- like I did -- convert it to an audio format.

Check out the Cowgirl Bookworms podcast wherever podcasts are available, or just click the link above!

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Be sure to check out the companion piece to "Good Ole Boys" in the store.


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