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Take a peek in my writer's notebook

Updated: 12 hours ago

I use a journal for a variety of different reasons. And as much as I like to compartmentalize things, when it comes to my notebooks, it's easier for me to keep one notebook for everything: journaling, scene sketching, to do lists, potential new projects, more.

I love the Zequence 360 blank notebook in black. It is wider and has more pages than than a Moleskine. Also -- not that I do, but if I wanted to -- the whole notebook can be flipped back on itself.

I'm doing a few walk-through videos on You Tube showing the insides of my writer's notebook.

Check it out here!

Also, I love seeing other people's planners, notebooks, and journals! Share them with me in the comments below OR look for me on social media. I am on Twitter, Instagram, and now TikTok.

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A woman in the mirror. A post it note covers her face that reads This is What a Writer Looks Like

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